Yes week-end !

En perdant une heure de sommeil ce week-end, on gagne une heure de loisirs.
C’est suffisant pour s’amuser sur de nouvelles idées …

Un petit travail pour un blog :

Un petit travail pour un bar

Un petit travail pour voyager

Un petit travail pour un coéquipier

Célébration de ma 200 000° victime (virtuelle) sur Test Wurst Server

What about 200 000 ?

Bordeaux, Rennes, Le Havre, Reims in France
Torun in Poland
Freiburg, Lübeck, Hagen in Germany
Debrecen in Hungary
Orlando, Boise City, Richmond, Augusta in USA
Eindhoven, Tilburg in Netherlands
Triest, Padova in Italy
Tampere in Finland
Osmaniye in Turquey
Charleroi in Belgium
Aberdeen in Scotland
Novi Sad in Serbia
Split in Croatia
Portsmouth in England
La Paz in Mexico
are cities of 200 000 inhabitants

200 000 people died in the earthquake in Haiti of January 12
The balance of the tsunami of 26 December in Asia amounted to 200000 Dead

200,000 children born by IVF in France since 1982

200,000 gypsies of Europe were killed in nazi camps

Believe it or not, in America alone 200000 plastic bottles are thrown out every 5 minutes !

it makes your head spin!

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